The British Bangladeshi Fashion Council (BBFC) is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to supporting individuals in pursuing a career in the fashion and creative industries.

Established in 2016, the BBFC offers a range of training, work experience, mentorship, networking, and developmental programs and events at its fully equipped training centre, The Manor.
One of the BBFC’s annual flagship events is the Bangladesh Fashion Week London, which showcases the creative talent of Bangladeshis and British Bangladeshis through fashion to the global community. In addition, the BBFC’s British Bangladeshi Fashion and Lifestyle Awards recognise and showcase the creative talent of British Bangladeshis to the world.
Although the BBFC’s primary focus is the British Bangladeshi community, in an effort to address the underrepresentation of British Bangladeshis in the mainstream fashion and creative industries, the organisation is open to all members of the community. The BBFC values partnership and collaboration as key foundations for achieving its objectives, and invites all members of the community to join in its efforts to support as many people as possible in achieving their dreams. Together, we can nurture the next generation of fashion icons, such as Vivienne Westwood, Karl Otto Lagerfeld, and Christian Dior.
In addition to its events and programs, the BBFC also works to raise awareness of the contributions of the British Bangladeshi community to the fashion and creative industries. The organisation strives to create a more inclusive and diverse industry, recognising the importance of representation and equal opportunities for all.
The BBFC is committed to supporting individuals at all stages of their career, from those just starting out to established professionals looking to expand their skills and knowledge. Whether you are interested in design, production, marketing, or any other aspect of the fashion industry, the BBFC has resources and support available to help you succeed.
Through its various initiatives, the BBFC aims to create a more vibrant and thriving fashion industry in the UK, one that reflects the diversity and creativity of the country’s population. By working together and supporting one another, we can build a future where anyone with a passion for fashion has the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.

BBFC’s Key Objectives

As an organisation, we believe in supporting and uplifting existing and aspiring designers and professionals within the fashion industry. That's why we offer a range of training and development programmes to help them grow their skills and advance their careers. Whether you're just starting out in the industry or are looking to take your career to the next level, our programmes can provide the support and guidance you need to succeed.
In addition to supporting individual designers and professionals, we are also committed to promoting employment opportunities in fashion and design. We believe that everyone should have the chance to pursue their passion and make a living in the industry, which is why we work to connect job seekers with companies and organisations that are hiring. We also encourage our own team members to mentor and support those who are looking to break into the industry.
Entrepreneurship is an important part of any industry, and fashion is no exception. That's why we are dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship among British Bangladeshi designers and associated professionals. We believe that this can not only help individuals succeed in their careers, but also drive innovation and growth within the industry as a whole. Whether you're looking to start your own fashion business or are interested in collaborating with others, we can provide the resources and support you need to make your vision a reality.
The fashion industry is a global one, and we believe in building bridges between different sectors and regions. That's why we are working to create a connection between the Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector, RMG purchasers, and fashion designers in the UK and Bangladesh. By fostering collaboration and communication between these groups, we hope to create employment opportunities for local people and contribute to the growth and success of the industry in both countries.
Bangladesh has a rich tradition of fashion and design, and we are committed to promoting the work of Bangladeshi fashion designers and the industry as a whole in the UK. We believe that showcasing the talent and creativity of Bangladeshi designers can help to strengthen the industry and build cultural understanding between the two countries. Whether through events, exhibitions, or other initiatives, we are always looking for ways to promote Bangladeshi fashion and design in the UK.
Just as we are committed to promoting Bangladeshi fashion in the UK, we also believe in supporting British fashion designers in Bangladesh. By strengthening trading links between the two countries, we can help to create new opportunities for designers and businesses in both places. We work with a range of partners to promote British fashion in Bangladesh and help to build connections between designers, retailers, and other industry professionals.
Fashion is not just about clothing and accessories, it is also a powerful way to express culture and identity. That's why we are dedicated to changing the perception of Bangladesh and promoting its arts and culture through the use of fashion. By highlighting the beauty and diversity of Bangladeshi design and craftsmanship, we hope to showcase the country's rich cultural heritage and contribute to a more positive and nuanced understanding of its people and traditions.

Fokrul Hoque


Fokrul, the founder of BBFC, has always been driven by a passion to nurture and help others. Throughout his career in the statutory, housing, and charity sectors, he has dedicated himself to enhancing life chances for individuals, particularly those living in disadvantaged communities. With over 25 years of experience, starting as a youth development worker and holding various senior positions, Fokrul has made a significant positive impact on the lives of countless people. His dedication to helping others transform their lives and reach their full potential is evident in all that he does, and it is this passion that drives him to succeed in the fashion and creative industry.

Nadia Hoque


Nadia is a highly experienced commissioner with a demonstrated history of working in the government and NHS sectors. She possesses a strong skill set in stakeholder engagement and report writing, and is widely regarded as a proficient community and social services professional. Nadia is deeply passionate about supporting individuals in turning their hobbies and interests into financially viable ventures, and has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their goals and make a positive impact in their communities. With her extensive experience and expertise, Nadia is well-equipped to drive success and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those she serves.

Mirza Miah


Mirza is a highly experienced professional in the fashion industry, drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and diverse influences to develop refined events and productions. His unique perspective, shaped by city life and ongoing travel, allows him to approach each project with creativity and an eye for detail. A skilled collaborator, Mirza excels at working with his team to bring cutting edge ideas to life through strategic planning, resulting in extraordinary settings and unforgettable experiences. With his exceptional technique for layering innovative concepts with careful planning, Mirza is able to craft truly memorable and impactful events.

Rahemur Rahman


Rahemur joins us with years of experience teaching at some of the leading fashion higher education institutions in the UK. He is a passionate Community Designer and Artist with a mission to restructure and reprogramme the creative arts while upholding social, ethical, and sustainable aims. Over the years he has collaborated with local youth arts organisations in London, to bridge the attainment and access gap into creative careers and higher education for young individuals from marginalised communities, incorporating storytelling and community engagement into his practice influenced by his education at Central Saint Martins and his experience at Louis Vuitton and The Victoria and Albert Museum. Rahemur’s exceptional contributions to creative community development have been acknowledged by the British Fashion Council, naming him a Changemaker in 2022, and the British Bangladeshi Fashion Council, recognising his outstanding work within communities through the arts in 2019 and 2022.

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