The British Bangladeshi Fashion Council (BBFC) offers a membership programme that provides access to networking, industry insights, and a professional network to develop or enhance business collaborations. The programme is designed to support individuals and businesses in the fashion and creative industries, whether they are established professionals or new talents looking to grow and succeed.

BBFC Member Network

As a member of the British Bangladeshi Fashion Council (BBFC), you will have the
opportunity to connect with other industry professionals, learn about the latest
trends and developments in the fashion industry, and access valuable resources
and support. Our membership programme is designed to help you succeed in the
fashion and creative industries by providing you with a range of benefits, including
access to our professional network, industry insights, and networking

By joining the BBFC membership programme, you will also have the chance to participate in events and programs hosted by the organisation, such as training workshops, mentorship opportunities, and networking events. These programs are designed to help you develop or enhance business collaborations and support the growth of your career in the fashion industry.
In addition to these benefits, membership in the BBFC also formalises your role as a leading industry voice in the British Bangladeshi fashion industry. By joining the organisation, you will be contributing to the growth and sustainability of the fashion industry and supporting the development of new talent.
Whether you are an established professional or just starting out in the fashion industry, the BBFC membership program offers a range of benefits that can help you succeed. We look forward to welcoming you to the organisation and helping you achieve your goals in the fashion industry.
Membership is free until 1st April 2024

Choose your plan

General Membership
Associate Membership
This membership is ideal for individuals in the following professions: fashion designers for men, women, and children; garment technologists; retail buyers; textile designers; fashion merchandisers; fashion illustrators; fashion stylists; fashion public relations professionals; fashion writers; jewellery makers; photographers; makeup artists; hair stylists, and others.
Corporate Membership
This membership is open to any businesses.
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