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After the huge success of Bangladesh Fashion Week London 2016, with prominent designers such as Bibi Russell, Rina Latif,  Islamic Design House and others taking to the catwalk and a massive media and social media hype, we are delighted to bring you Bangladesh Fashion Week London 2017.

Bangladesh Fashion Week London 2017 (BFWL17) will be held on Saturday 7th October 2017 at the spectacular 5 star East Wintergarden venue in Canary Wharf, London. This exclusive event will host a spectacular catwalk show promising an eclectic mix of traditional, modest, party and bridal designers who will be exhibiting exclusive fashion lines reserved to be launched at Bangladesh Fashion Week London 2017. See below the full list of participating designers.

We have some of the biggest designers from Bangladesh & Dubai flying in to showcase their latest collections alongside British trendsetters labels who are making big waves. As well as fashion designers, BFWL17 will showcase the best creative talent in make-up artistry, hair styling, jewellery and accessory designers.

BFWL17 will be a high-end production of glitz and glamour with an elite audience in attendance from the world of fashion, lifestyle, media, entertainment and celebrities taking its rightful place as an annual show on the British Fashion Calendar.

From New York to Paris, Milan to Dhaka, BFWL will paint a new face for Bangladesh and British Bangladeshis to the watching world.


We have a range of tickets to suit different budgets. Please visit the ticket page for prices.

7:30pm on Saturday 7th October 2017 – Doors open at 6:30pm

Whether you're a fashionista, trendsetter or looking for inspiration - there's something for everyone at Bangladesh Fashion Week London and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Hosts for Bangladesh Fashion Week London

Momtaz Begum Hossain

Journalist & Presenter

With over a decade of experience working in the British Asian Media industry, Momtaz has worked in print journalism, broadcast and online. A regular Presenter for, Momtaz frequents red carpets and has been the Official Presenter for the Asiana Bridal Show video for four years. She has also hosted high-profile events at The Southbank Centre, BFI, The Troxy and Wilton’s Music Hall.

In 2012, Momtaz was appointed an official Video Blogger for London 2012, by The Arts Council and reported from events at The Olympic Park. In 2014 she presented Zing TV’s four-part series to find a new Asian supermodel, Vatika Miss Asiana, and in 2015 she began hosting an arts radio show, and was a Finalist at the Asian Media Awards as TV Presenter Of The Year. She’s also worked with the BBC, Channel 4 and The Community Channel, is a regular pundit on the BBC Asian Network and one of the BBC’s Expert Voices.

The author of two published books, Momtaz has also worked as a handbag and accessories designer and runs a blog called where she writes about international art, craft, design and fashion.

Islah “MistahIslah” Abdur-Rahman

Actor | Filmmaker | Host | YouTuber | Blogger

A graduate in Media, Film & Television and over 6 years in the industry, Islah has made many swift successes with his various film productions. He started young and established his own Media & Film production company 'IAR Media’, producing his first web series “Mandem On The Wall” in 2012 which elevated on to E4 on “Youngers”.

In 2014 he moved on to further his acting career and has starred in short & his first British Asian feature film and conceptualising the “Corner Shop Show” a comedy web series with over 2.3 million views and made its television debut in the same year. The exposure allowed Islah to be invited to BBC radio shows, TV and magazine interviews, red carpet events, hosting high profile events, interviews.

In 2015 he became the ambassador of the Al-Ansari Foundation charity organisation helping orphans in Africa, using his platform to bring awareness to poverty. In 2016 he launched his own fragrance with 'Ayesha Ziya Fragrances’ and began blogging for major brands.

As a young British-Bangladeshi Muslim, Islah is on the way to make his mark in the media & film industry.


The following fashion designers will be exhibiting exclusive fashion lines reserved to be launched at Bangladesh Fashion Week London 2017. Be inspired…

Rina Latif - by rina latif (Bangladesh)

An internationally acclaimed Artist and Fashion Designer Rina Latif is responsible for creating what is today a burgeoning fashion industry in Bangladesh and beyond thanks to her boutiques in Calcutta and Delhi. Her collections have been featured in Vogue, Le'Official, Cosmo, Libas and her shows have been written about in countless international newspapers.

Rina who was a favourite at last year’s Bangladesh Fashion Week London, is responsible for helping revive the dying art of muslin. Having grown up on tales of the ‘mythical muslin’, Rina made it her quest to restore the lost art of weaving muslin. Her vision led her to travel all over Bangladesh and today she works with more than 300 weavers and artisans. She works with textiles that have roots in centuries old heritage such as muslin, benarasi silk and khadi - yet her interpretations are modern while remaining true to its essence.

Her inimitable style and fearlessness make her collections transcend borders, all the while incorporating the textile heritage and craftsmanship of Bengal. Her canvas of rich textiles is often married with her own embroidery techniques, such as her signature tap- estry embroidery.

Iman Boutique - by Mirza Miah (united kingdom)

Iman Boutique is an accessible luxury fashion house and e-boutique whose designs reflect its unmistakable Bangladeshi heritage. Founded by Mirza Miah in 2014 its vision is to empower and inspire a new world of Desi fashionistas.

With a commitment to style and confidence, Iman Boutique’s ensembles are for those who want to look and feel their best. Their signature look comprises flattering fits, hand- crafted detailing and distinctive embroideries seen in colourful bridal and partywear.

Every garment has a luxurious feel; these are pieces you will love to wear and own so it’s no wonder that so many celebrities, influencers and style savvy women call on Iman when they need a new outfit.

Iman Boutique has a growing retail and wholesale presence in key international markets including Europe, North America and the Middle East. Boutique London
Instagram: @imanboutique

Prity – by Husneara Choudhury (united kingdom)

A boutique based in Portsmouth on the Southern coast of the UK, PRITY is a fashion label specialising in traditional designer wear from Bangladesh. The brand who showcased pieces at the inaugural Bangladesh Fashion Week London, provide casual, formal and partywear that combines the latest fashion trends with their own cultural statements.

Bangladesh has a rich cultural and traditional background and they aim to reflect this in their bespoke outfits. They also offer fashionistas an enviable range of exclusive hand picked collections and affordable yet luxury attire.

PRITY aims to exceed the customers expectation and their quality is not only restricted to their wide range of products but is also embedded in their services and customer sat- isfaction. Having traded online for a long time, you’ll now find their boutique in Kingston Crescent at this popular seaside resort.
Instagram: pritydesignerboutique

Kuhu’s Wearable Art – Kuhu Plamondon (Bangladesh)

Artist and Fashion Designer Kuhu has created art all over the world - France, USA, Colombia, Cote D'Ivoire, Thailand, and of course, Bangladesh. She has an MFA from the Institute of Fine Arts in Dhaka and her own studio, where she paints, draws and creates textiles.

Kuhu’s label Wearable Art is an extension of her artwork. Her goal is to direct a piece of clothing right from the start, from the design stage to putting the colours together to form the spirit of design - no two pieces she creates are the the same.

For her London show, Kuhu is presenting a collection inspired by abstract art. The base of her outfits are white textiles - muslins, silks and chiffons. She then paints and dyes the fabric by hand, using translucent and vibrant colours, creating the base for a garment which could become a sari, tunic or kaftan.

Kuhu has recently begun working with local Bangladeshi weavers and her collection in- cludes hand-woven sarees, made from a special fabric of both hand-spun silk and cotton. Kuhu hopes you enjoy her creations and invites you to visit her Dhaka studio, where you can see her at work.

Chondon - by Chandana Dewan (Bangladesh)

A fashion designer based in Bangladesh, Chandana Dewan produces timeless classics, fusing tribal fabrics and contemporary looks to recre- ate her unique and original ethnic style. Her attire portrays a traditional aesthetic, with nods to western trends.

The silhouettes of her outfits highlight intricate workmanship and her pieces are charac- terised by their use of the best quality fabrics in an array of colours, textures and embell- ishments. Handiwork and craft techniques are a signature in Chandana’s designs which feature quintessential embellishments like patchwork, embroidery, beads and sequins; creating outfits that are glamorous and artistic. Her fashion house, Chondon, started its journey in 2002. Since then Chandana has focused her creative energy on ensuring each one of her outfits is a piece of art in its own right and is an exclusive, limited edition.

Chondon caters to anyone with a taste and desire for something different yet versatile. Her outfits have been endorsed and admired by influential fashionistas from the media, films, fashion and the corporate world, locally and internationally. Rich in culture, her designs are heirloom pieces that revive the use of Bangladeshi fabrics. Her Bangladesh Fashion Week London collection features sarees and fusion attire, bringing ethnic wear into the international limelight.

Bibiana – by Lipi Khandker (Bangladesh)

Designer Lipi Khandker made her mark in the Bangladeshi fashion in- dustry with her eye for creativity and sophisticated sense of aesthetics. Her inspiration stems from the nature and culture of her homeland with its treasure trove of folk arts, crafts and colours.

Revisiting traditional fabrics and stitching techniques are a signature aspect of Lipi’s exquisite work. For her latest collection, the eclectic designer has created garments that capture the beauty and finesse of traditional ‘nakshi kantha’ motifs and embroidery. Using cotton, muslin and khadi silk in black and grey as the canvas for her creations, she has created muted yet elegant prints.

Combining the magic of the time-honored stitching techniques of nakshi kantha, hand embroidery and appliqué, her work gives life to the vibrant, colourful needlework em- bellishments against the soft, often ethereal fabrics.

Born out of a love for all things Bangladeshi, Lipi’s 'Heritage Hems' collection seeks to reinvent a craft adored and revered for centuries.

Mayasir - by Maheen Khan (Bangladesh) 

The Founder and President of the Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh, Maheen is one of the most influential figures in Bangladeshi fashion.

As an advocate for the industry she has organised high-profile events including an an- nual Khadi festival. Maheen trained in the United States at Otis Parsons School of Art and Design studying a BFA in textile design and has now worked in fashion for over 30 years.

Maheen’s ‘Botanical Blooms' collection consists of single and layered garments which a boho chic feel. Prints are inspired by botanical gardens and are accompanied by skilled hand embroidery with a couture quality that has unique folk inspirations.

The collection is accompanied by handmade accessories and jewellery. Colourful and flo- ral, her timeless pieces are ethically made; part of her commitment to making fashion sustainable

Sahar rahman – by Sahar rahman (Bangladesh)

A clothing brand based in the thriving capital city of Dhaka, Sahar Rahman has been operating for six years and is run by sisters Sahar and Amana Rahman.

The creative duo started out as young entrepreneurs with a flair for fashion and design.

The Rahman sisters offer a unique range of Asian and fusion wear to fashionable Dhakaites at home and abroad. Working with special fabrics such as pure crinkle chiffon and a signature pastel palette, they have carved out a niche market for their creative and unique range of clothing, that stands out from the crowd thanks to its elaborate detail- ing, complemented by unique colour contrasts.

Considered leaders in the industry, their Dhaka boutique stocks luxury pret, heavy formals and bridal couture.

Instagram: saharrahmanofficial

1972 Jewellery – by niharika momtaz (Bangladesh & dubai)

From the hustle and bustle of Dhaka to the Haute Couture fashion world of Dubai and Doha, Niharika Momtaz’s rise as an entrepreneur, fashion and jewellery designer is a story befitting of a fairytale. Hailing from an upscale neighborhood of Chittagong, Bangladesh Niharika stepped into the domain of clothing design at 18. It was a brief stint as she then headed into the world of corporate finance for a decade.

Her creativity however never waned and she resumed her passion for fashion in 2012 launching her labels Outliner and 1972 jewellery. Inspired by the tribal jewellery of the Chittagong hill-tracts and Mughal arts, her brand symbolises elegance, appealing to women who seek luxury and tradition. The brand is recognised internationally and Ni- harika regularly showcases her creativity in the Middle and the Far East.

At Bangladesh Fashion Week London, Niharika is presenting her collection Progga (a Bengali expression denoting knowledge and understating through progress) from her couture jewellery line 1972, inspired by brave and free-spirited Bengali women. Also look out for her men's wedding jewellery collection ‘jay Mahal’, which exudes modern glamour and timeless sophistication, blending Mughal tradition, art and history.

Instagram: 1972nineteenseventytwo

asheka hossain - by asheka hossain (united kingdom)

Fashion Designer and MUA, Asheka Hossain launched her award-win- ning brand in 2012 to incredible success, with her first collection sell- ing out. Designing ‘what real women want’: Asheka’s outfits are classy, effortless, fresh, wearable pieces with superb silhouettes, fusing traditional fabrics with modern cuts. Fun, fashionable and trendy, her dresses are her trademark and were recognised at Lakmé Fashion Week and showcased at the ‘Paris Come to Dhaka’ catwalk show.

Asheka enjoys using traditional Bangladeshi fabrics such as jamdani, raw silk, katan, be- narasi and muslin to reflect her culture. She says: ‘I am a very passionate person and am inspired by all aspects of life from nature and fabric to art. For this Bangladesh Fashion Week London collection, I have taken inspiration from modern London women and their busy lifestyle. Ultimately I wanted to create a collection where every piece is something I would want to wear, in fact if I wouldn’t personally wear it then it doesn’t make the cut!’ Asheka’s designs are renowned throughout the UK, USA, and Australia and Canada and she is thrilled to launch her new range in London.

Facebook: asheka's clothing / Instagram: asheka's clothing

Z&Z Collections - by Mehjabeen Mustafiz Simily

Fashion house z&z Collections begun life as an exclusive ladies brand for expatriate Bangladeshis, available online which grew into a store in the glamorous Gulshan 2 district in Dhaka in 2014.

Stocking clothing with an Indian sub continental-Western feel, their dresses are glam- orous, trendy, glitzy and smart, catching the attention of shoppers at home and abroad.

z&z offers expertise in different lines of clothing for different festivals such as boishakh, eid, puja and weddings. The brand has been featured extensively in the media, on TV, at events, exhibitions and magazines. Their Bangladesh Fashion Week London collection features new pieces made from local silk, chiffon, benarasi, muslin and jamdani.

ruji london – by Shanita aktar (united kingdom)

Launching her debut collection at Bangladeshi Fashion Week London, British Bangladeshi Shanita Aktar is currently completing her final year studying Fashion Design at Coventry University. Despite still being a student, her ca- reer is already underway. Her passion to launch her own brand Ruji London came after the completion of a six-month internship in India and after returning to the UK, was fur- ther fuelled by winning a young entrepreneurs business competition.

A South Asian modest fashion brand, her designs have a strong South Asian identity and her pieces are timeless and feminine. The design and inspiration for RUjI London comes from a mix of heritage and culture from South Asia and the UK; ranging from the natu- ral earthy feel of her lenghas to the flowing fabrics used in her sarees; while dupattas, capes and trousers complete her signature look.

Her ‘Kala Chashmaʼ collection is about Women’s Empowerment. The inspiration for the collection is taken from the popular Bollywood song of the same name in which women are portrayed in a bold way. She says: ‘The modesty of a woman is often misunderstood defining that women as shy, demure, or housewives but Rujli London aims to show that modest women can be shy but still bold, be housewives but also business women and de- mure, yet equally as fierce.’

Farida’s Designs – By Farida Rashid (united kingdom)

A bespoke fashion designer and a mother of four, from north London, Farida is part of a breed of modern creative Bangladeshi entrepre- neurs, who is following her passion for fashion to build a career. She confesses: ‘From a young age creating new things intrigued me but I didn’t have a chance to explore my creative side until now.’

Farida’s designs have been showcased at the London Bengali Wedding Fair twice, first her trendy handmade bags which came in various styles, followed by her catwalk debut, featuring customised bridalwear which left the audience amazed by its beauty. Her de- signs include mens and womenswear and she offers a complete bespoke service, allow- ing customers to choose colours and fabrics which she will turn into your dream outfit.

‘Being a mother is a busy task but while raising my family I had always wanted to do something like this to express my passion. It’s a reminder that it's never too late to fulfill your dreams,’ says Farida who is proud to be showcasing her new collection at Bangladesh Fashion Week London.
Instagram: faridasdesigns
Facebook: faridasdesigns

Zurhem - by Mehruz Munir (Bangladesh)

zurhem is the passion project of the label’s CEO, founder and creative director, Mehruz Munir. The conceptualisation and creation of the brand was pursued after Mehruz graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University, Australia.

Despite studying marketing and business management, his passion was in menswear so he took up further studies at the prestigious London College of Fashion.

In 2015 he partnered up with the company’s chairman, Saadat Chowdhury to form zurhem. Their shared passion and responsibility made them realise the label’s true po- tential and its necessity for the Bangladeshi fashion scene. The label encompasses Prêt-à-Porter and bespoke suiting. Clients are able to walk in to a ready-to-wear division, while bespoke services are met through appointments.

Taking inspiration from Berlin's underground nightlife and BDSM, their Fall Winter 2018 collection was originally showcased at the Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden and con- sists of silver metallic leather jackets, electric blue dresses, camouflage sequin tuxedos, purple faux fur overcoats and black neoprene suits paired with harnesses. This designer pair are truly pushing the boundaries, dishing out something never seen in Bangladesh before: the perfect finale collection for Bangladesh Fashion Week London.
Instagram: zurhem

Creative team

Headline make-up Artist

Kaniz Ali is an award winning make up artist and has graced the covers of 15 worldwide magazines, includingAsiana Fashion Magazine, Asiana Wedding Magazine, Asiana International and Vanity Magazine to name a few. Kaniz won the prestigious Best Make Up Artist Award at The British Asian Wedding Awards in 2015 as well as the Best Make Up Artist Award at the International Asian Fashion Awards in November 2011.

Being one of the industry’s most influential entrepreneurs with years of experience in all aspects of make up including catwalk, fashion, film, commercial, editorial and bridal, Kaniz and her team bring their make up artistry expertise to the forefront of the beauty industry. With her exceptional talent, love and passion for creativity in the make up industry, Kaniz is a well-known and respected make up artist in demand from all corners of the world. ‘Love what you do and do what you love’ is the driving force behind the dedication Kaniz has for make up, dolling up beauties for numerous campaigns. Kaniz make up also offers a training academy and training courses for aspiring make up artists. Her drive to help her students in succeeding in their own careers is ongoing and Kaniz ensures all her students receive a very personal and enjoyable experience during their courses.

Choreography & Production

The Cactus Agency is a collective of creatives represented under one banner. Within the agency they provide talent; models, artists, actors and presenters, creatives; Makeup Artists, Hairstylists and Stylists, Production; photographers, Art Directors, Show & Shoot Production. The cactus agency represents talent from UK and abroad which is a demographic that is one of their main clientele.

ZafShabbir will be the choreographer for the Bangladesh Fashion Week London, bringing with him over a decades worth of experience in the fashion industry. He has curated and choreographed national and international fashion shows, and we are sure he will put on a magical show for you all to witness.



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